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The Green Olive Supplies Quality and Responsibly Sourced Firewood Products to the UK

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October 12
02:30 2018

Rowhook, UK – There are many reasons that someone might create regular fires for their home or business, such as cooking, personal warmth, aesthetic purposes, and more. Whatever the reason might be, having a reliable source of fuel for that flame is important for maintaining it and keeping it warm, bright, and hot. For those living in the Rowhook area and throughout the United Kingdom, The Green Olive Firewood Co is a great choice as an energy material provider through their local supply stores, wide delivery options and ethical sourcing.

The Green Olive takes pride in their responsible and eco-friendly approach when it comes to sourcing materials. They get their stock from managed farms and woodlands through Europe and the UK. A lot of the material comes from overflow from replanting and pruning at olive farms. Responsible sourcing is one step in the company’s commitment to quality material. They also dedicate time to moisture controlling and testing all their products, in order to ensure optimum at home burning. They also sell their products in bulk for those that want to stock up during the summer months and have the ready supply they need by the time it gets colder.

The Green Olive offers a diverse range of products to choose from. For those looking for firewood and logs for sale, their options include material from many different types of trees. These different types offer varying densities, aromas, burning qualities, and more. Some of the types include kiln dried, olive, and hard woods that they source locally. For those looking for materials to help them start their flames as well, The Green Olive offers simple and effective kindling and eco lighters. In addition to their extensive list of logs for sale, the company specializes in charcoal materials – some popular products include charcoal briquettes long burning charcoal.

The range of stock offered by The Green Olive is great for all wood-burning purposes including pizza ovens, chimineas, pits, home set ups, smokers, BBQ areas, and more. Using their products for home heating especially can be very cost effective and transform the feel and smell of a home. For those that want to learn more about Green Olive, their products, and their delivery process, visit their website at https://www.greenolivefirewood.co.uk/. Site visitors can also benefit from their mailing list and receive special offers throughout the year. For those looking for more details about where The Green Olive operates, check out https://goo.gl/maps/kAELHP3ivYw.

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