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Energy Arts® Connects Hundreds of Thousands Through the Launch of its Online Resource

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October 12
04:05 2018

Energy Arts® is pleased to connect people around the world through its new website, energyarts.com. Simply, Energyarts.com provides education, instruction, and guidance of Taoist energy arts for modern times but it’s created much more than that.

Bruce Frantzis founded Energy Arts® with the intention of helping people to become healthier and happier through the cultivation and application of Chi, the vital life force energy that permeates all things. Energy Arts® mission is to share ancient Taoist lineages with the world.

“My real passion is teaching the Taoist meditation tradition. It’s a direct path to awakening one’s highest potential,” explains Frantzis. “I created this site as a resource for those interested in energy arts and to connect people around the world.”

Energy Arts® offers online courses and live training events in various Taoist arts including Taoist Yoga, Taoist Meditation, Longevity Breathing, Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong, Bagua and Tai Chi Mastery, Standing Qigong, Wu style and Yang style Tai Chi, and much more.

Perhaps the most defining aspects of Energy Arts® is Bruce’s unique teaching style and the dynamic community of Taoist practitioners. Teaching Taoist energy arts is a skill unto itself that requires clarity, patience and the ability to transmit energy in a verbal and somatic way.

Over the years, Bruce has trained numerous practitioners in the Taoist arts to teach powerful concepts in an experiential way that yields results. Currently, Energy Arts® has more than 300 certified instructors located all over the world, serving beginner to advanced students. You can locate an instructor near you on the new Energy Arts® website.

About Bruce:

Bruce has been called the foremost Western expert in Wu style Tai Chi and Yang style tai chi, holding direct lineages from China. He teaches six powerful Qigong sets, as well as Bagua Zhang and Hsing-I from the martial, health, and meditation perspectives. Bruce studied in China and Japan with some of the last remaining Taoist Grandmasters in the East, gaining access to training previously unavailable to Westerners.

To learn more about Energy Arts® visit us on our new website, EnergyArts.com

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