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Life Energy Designs offers free e-book ‘Banish Bad Habits’ for those who sign up for its newsletter

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October 12
04:25 2018
Life Energy Designs has helped numerous customers benefit from a better, healthier lifestyle with its plethora of products specially-designed to deal with EMF exposure, insomnia, stress, electro sensitivity, energy balance, and more. And now, it goes a step further by offering a free e-book to customers who sign up for its newsletter.

NEW ZEALAND – Life Energy Designs began with the vision of Margie and David Slinger, who had their own unique experience with life energy and EMF when they lived in Kenya. They began by making devices for life energy and EMF protection by hand, and through a lot of perseverance and testing, they managed to come up with effective products specially-designed to combat the effects of EMF as well as bring energy and balance to their customers’ lives.

Today, Margie and David Slinger are back in New Zealand, and they continue to better the lives of numerous individuals with their own specially-made products dedicated to EMF protection, electro sensitivity, insomnia and night terrors, stress and geopathic stress, energy balance, and healing.

Life Energy Designs understands the importance of life balance and energy and living a healthy and disease-free lifestyle, and its products are direct proof of its beliefs. And now, those who sign up for a Life Energy Designs newsletter have the chance to receive a free e-book entitled ‘Banish Bad Habits’ as the first step in their journey to a better life and better well-being. By simply visiting the Life Energy Designs website and clicking on the ‘sign up for our newsletter and special offers’ icon, visitors are directed to a page where they can input their email address, and they will receive the free e-book.

The products offered by Life Energy Designs have all been tested and proven by numerous clients. As Life Energy Designs confirms, “Our present devices are more powerful and have evolved from years of research.” Life Energy Designs adds that it aims to empower numerous people with proper protection as well as information.

Some of the most popular products and devices offered by Life Energy Designs include personal EMF protection products such as pendants and wristbands as well as key rings, all made from natural elements. With these protection devices, customers can benefit from superior protection combined with reduced stress levels, better immune systems, and an enhanced feeling of well-being.

About the company:

Life Energy Designs specialises in various products created to improve people’s energies and lives, from products designed for EMF to products for dealing with insomnia, night terrors, electro sensitivity, stress, energy balance, healing, and more. For those looking for an effective EMF pendant, visit Life Energy Designs.

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