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Far from Banality, This New Self-Help Book ‘The Power of Clarity’ is a Nifty Read for All Ages.

February 23
19:07 2023
Far from Banality, This New Self-Help Book ‘The Power of Clarity’ is a Nifty Read for All Ages.
The Power of Clarity by J Sejlund
The Power of Clarity, which isn’t just a pragmatic description of our actual nature but perceptive accounts of events that keep us from reaching our full potential.

With a new year in full swing, many ardent readers are elated to witness the release of some prize-winning novels, heartfelt memoirs, and exceptional self-help manuals, so they can instantly add them to their glorious TBR collection. Analogous to the past few years’ collections of self-development books, this year, too, saw the launch of a heap of self-help guides, which were superfluously peppered with implausible life advice and were painfully long to read. While there were many such tedious reads that left the readers disenchanted with the term “Self-help,” the year also saw many book releases that garnered massive public appreciation.

Divided into ten distinct chapters, the book unfolds a coherent stream of narrations, asserting how choosing the path of least resistance often takes one on the path of success. In the opening chapter, “Inner guidance and intuition,” the author introduces the readers to the rampant power of the inner mind. He further establishes that the life we are living now is a direct reflection of the things we have been attracting so far. Sejlund propounds that our brain is an unabashedly manipulative organ that morphs deceitful lies into true beliefs, thus embedding upstream thoughts into our minds. Which, in turn, holds us back from seeking consistent happiness.

Fortunately, these negative assumptions can be eschewed by focusing on the present and driving clarity from our inner minds: “Bringing clarity to beliefs morphs beliefs of upstream nature into new beliefs that are beneficial, allowing, and free-flowing. When we know anything with clarity, it feels familiar, right, and good. Knowing instills confidence. As the light of clarity fills our path, uncertainty and fear fade away and become irrelevant, pushing us to become powerful, compassionate, and loving – a natural byproduct of clarity.”

The statement might sound a bit cliché or flagrantly ostentatious, but it is, in fact, an incredible realization that can open the doors of tranquility and a promising future.

In contrast to other books of the same genre, which take forever to end, the book is relatively concise and intellectually rewarding at the same time. Toward the end of The Power of Clarity, Author Jan Sejlund treats his audience with daily positive affirmations and uplifting poems that are guaranteed to set the right mood for the day. Unlike hackneyed self-help books, which often preach unapproachable ideas, The Power of Clarity is surprisingly relevant and an indefatigable representation of attracting clarity in life.

You can get your copy of The Power of Clarity by Jan Sejlund at www.jansejlund.com or on Amazon.

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