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Atlanta Couple’s Remarkable Journey: Brain Aneurysm Survivor Builds Multi-Million Dollar Global Sea Moss and Nutritional Supplement Brand

September 16
02:52 2023

Red’s Kitchen Sink, founded by naturalist Dee Carter and her husband Bernard, is celebrating extraordinary success after taking their premium sea moss and nutritional supplements global, achieving multi-million dollar revenues. Dee, a former nurse who triumphed over a life-threatening brain aneurysm, has devoted her life to promoting natural, healthy living. Bernard, a seasoned chemical engineer with a career spanning P&G and Clorox, complements her vision. Together, they have transformed the wellness landscape with Red’s Kitchen Sink, a trusted brand known for earning the prestigious “Amazon’s Choice” badge and securing Top-Selling status on Amazon Prime and their website.

The Journey Begins

Dee Carter’s path to holistic health began after her miraculous recovery from a brain aneurysm, an experience that ignited her passion for natural wellness. She initiated her journey by crafting natural salves for cancer patients. Leveraging her nursing background and Bernard’s scientific expertise, they embarked on a mission to make Red’s Kitchen Sink’s premium sea moss and nutritional supplements accessible to a global audience.

The Present

Today, Red’s Kitchen Sink stands as a beacon of quality and excellence in the health and wellness industry. Their product line, which includes meticulously crafted sea moss and nutritional supplements, caters to a diverse range of health needs, earning the trust of countless satisfied customers worldwide.

The brand’s remarkable success underscores the efficacy of their products and Dee and Bernard’s shared vision of empowering individuals to embrace a healthier, more natural lifestyle. The “Amazon’s Choice” badge and Top-Selling status validate their commitment to delivering exceptional value and quality.

In addition to their digital presence, Red’s Kitchen Sink has garnered media attention, with features in Women’s World Magazine and recognition as the best sea moss by Fox 31 Denver. Numerous blogs have also praised their offerings. Their vibrant community continues to grow through social media, marked by the dedicated hashtag #redskitchensinkseamoss on TikTok and Instagram.

Looking Forward

Dee Carter expressed her gratitude for the journey so far, stating, “Surviving my brain aneurysm was a profound turning point in my life. It led me to discover the incredible benefits of natural health and inspired the creation of Red’s Kitchen Sink. Together with Bernard, we are on a mission to change the world by making natural health accessible to all. Our journey is a testament to the transformative power of nature, and we are excited to continue this incredible journey.”

To commemorate their remarkable achievements, Red’s Kitchen Sink is planning a series of special events, educational programs that teach prevention. How to recognize signs and symptoms of a brain aneurysm and promotions to express their gratitude to loyal customers and partners while inspiring individuals on their journey to natural health. For additional information about Red’s Kitchen Sink, Dee Carter, and husband Bernard, please visit https://redskitchensink.com/.

About Red’s Kitchen Sink

Red’s Kitchen Sink is a trusted brand offering premium sea moss, nutritional supplements, and hair and skin vitalizing products, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by Dee Carter and her husband Bernard, the company is dedicated to promoting natural health and wellness by providing a wide range of high-quality products tailored to individual needs. Red’s Kitchen Sink is committed to changing lives by making natural health accessible worldwide. Follow Red’s Kitchen Sink on Facebook @redskitchensinkproducts, TikTok @redskitchensink, and Instagram @redskitchensink.

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