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London-Based Artist Maxi Curnow Announces the Highly-Anticipated Fall 2023 Debut of His 6th Studio Album, ‘Kiln’

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September 16
03:03 2023
‘Kiln’ is the culmination of poignant music and filmmaking that delves into the deepest

Maxi Curnow has officially announced the upcoming Fall 2023 release of his brand new studio album, ‘Kiln.’

As ‘Kiln’ makes its global debut on streaming platforms everywhere, listeners around the world will get their first taste of Curnow’s sixth studio album. The new album is a deep reflection of Curnow’s dedication to musicality and his innate instincts for stitching together heavy and light musical themes into the attention-grasping songs featured on ‘Kiln.’

Maxi Curnow is a renowned musical artist from the UK, who challenges norms by masterfully merging music, visual arts, and life into compelling tales. Many people aren’t aware that he was a firefighter and immediate emergency care responder for four years, and Curnow uses that experience to fuel his music. Fans and followers enjoy a rare dynamic in which the artist uses his past experiences, eclectic and diverse aspirations, and talent to deliver music that is raw and mesmerizing.

Curnow’s prowess spans songwriting, performance, and production of the music and visuals, evoking the flair of a modern Renaissance artist. His previous work, including “If We Make It”, “Chased By Wolves” and “Beautiful Shell,” transcend typical music video conventions – a theme throughout his extensive back catalogue. Beyond the tracks featured on the ‘Kiln’ album, the project is accompanied by stunning cinematic music videos, making this album stand apart from the crowd.

According to Curnow, “Songs will blend into a visual art pieces in the ‘Kiln’ project. Not quite music videos, not quite short film either… It’s always been my goal to do something a little different. I’ve worked on a lot of these now, and this feels like the accumulation of all my past efforts. I can’t wait to share it!”

The official music videos for ‘Kiln’ will be placed on Curnow’s YouTube page, where his songs such as “If We Make It” have gained tens of thousands of views by watchers around the world. Stay up to date with the ‘Kiln’ release by visiting https://youtube.com/maxicurnow


Maxi Curnow is a London-based music producer, video producer, mastering engineer, multi-instrumentalist, musical artist, and composer. Maxi’s musical pieces have been featured on BBC, Universal, and Netflix productions, and his independently-produced music receives thousands upon thousands of streams on Spotify each month. Connect with him at [email protected].

Instagram: @maxicurnow

YouTube: https://youtube.com/maxicurnow

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm14998423/

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