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PITEN Selected for Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s ‘CAST Project’, Launches Itch-Relief Cosmetics for Children

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November 28
23:01 2023
PITEN Inc. has been selected for the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s CAST Project and is expanding its presence in the global atopic market with the launch of its innovative atopic moisturizer ‘NBBEBE DERMA BALM STICK’, utilizing advanced technology.

PITEN Inc. (CEO Park Mi-seong), a company specializing in functional natural bio-materials, has been selected for the 2023 Hallyu-Linked Collaborative Content Planning and Development Support Project (CAST : Connect, Accompany to make Synergy and Transformation Project). Under this project, PITEN has launched the “NBBEBE DERMA BALM STICK”, a cosmetic product designed to alleviate itching caused by dry skin immediately.

The CAST Project, hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and managed by the Korea International Culture Exchange Agency, supports the entire process from planning and development to domestic and international promotion and distribution of products. This project aims to expand the influence of Hallyu (Korean Wave) by linking promising domestic small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with globally recognized Hallyu content.

Leveraging the 2023 CAST Project, PITEN combined its skin-immunity-improving natural bio-material manufacturing technology with the Hallyu(Korean) character ‘Toriyang’ by illustrator Tori Yoon. This collaboration led to the launch of the “NBBEBE DERMA BALM STICK”, marking the start of its full-scale global business operations and introducing Korean K-Beauty technology to the global atopic care market.

According to a PITEN representative, ‘NBBEBE DERMA BALM STICK’ utilizes ‘Extract or fraction of Daphne kiusiana as an effective ingredient’, a natural ingredient to alleviate skin itching, in a stick-type balm format. The product integrates the emotional image of the Hallyu character ‘Toriyang’, targeting child customers, and combines visual and emotional design marketing. It’s developed to enhance children’s skin health and promote a healthier lifestyle.

This product stands out for providing immediate itch relief within three minutes after application, specifically formulated for children aged 4 to 13. It showcases PITEN’s pride in its innovative technology and materials, differing from existing itch relief products containing steroids or requiring prolonged moisturizing care.

PITEN has acquired technology for ‘A composition for anti-virus comprising the extract or fraction of Daphne kiusiana as an effective ingredient’ from the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB). The company is focusing on the development of innovative products using natural bio-functional materials extracted from the lilac daphne, using its medicinal plant cell system technology.

Meanwhile, the atopic moisturizer product, “NBBEBE DERMA BALM STICK,” developed through the CAST Project, achieved notable success upon its release. It quickly garnered attention from the target customer base by achieving high rankings in relevant product categories. it received high praise on the prominent cosmetics review application ‘HWAHAE.’ With an average review score of 4.66 and an overall rating of 4.72 on Hwahae, the product attained a consumer satisfaction rate of 93.2%, further solidifying its position in the market.

Currently, PITEN is expanding its high-functional bio-material business domestically and internationally, continually engaging in research and development as a resident company of the Pangyo Startup Zone, established by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and operated by the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation and the KISED(Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development).

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