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Consumers Can Now Purchase Customised Apparel Directly from India’s Only Vertically Integrated Factory

Consumers Can Now Purchase Customised Apparel Directly from India’s Only Vertically Integrated Factory

A common practise in the t-shirt printing industry if for a company to outsource some of their work to smaller factories. This means that the business will have longer turnaround time and inconsistent quality in their products, which is certainly a deterrent for potential buyers. Consumers look for consistent pricing and sizing. Fortunately, this kind of quality can be found at India’s only vertically integrated custom printed t-shirt company, CustomBaba.

CustomBaba offers a variety of merchandize on their website, but their main focus is on custom t-shirts and  merchandise for colleges and organisations. The biggest draw for consumers that choose CustomBaba is the previously mentioned vertical integration process that CustomBaba uses to create their garments. Compared to the extensive, elongated process that typical websites use, CustomBaba has a more efficient process.

CustomBaba receives merchandise orders and then immediately begins to make the fabric in their in-house fabric development unit. After the fabric is done and received, it is then stitched together by the company’s respective department. CustomBaba then does the custom t-shirt printing themselves and does a final quality check before shipping orders back to their customers. This company keeps their customers updated constantly throughout the process, ensuring satisfied results.

Cost is a big part of clothing shopping for everyone – the vertically integrated aspect of this company means that CustomBaba’s process saves time and therefore saves money. They have an efficient supply chain in India, allowing them to have impressively competitive rates in that region. In modern online shopping, it can be difficult to find a company that holds up high quality of products with low cost.

CustomBaba has many workers who are experienced in the textile industry, which helps them stay efficient in their work. They are a subsidiary of a larger parent company, Siddham Creations, which owns a lot of brands themselves – giving CustomBaba an in to larger online markets. CustomBaba utilizes top of the line machinery and experienced employees to ensure the high-quality delivery of their products.

When looking for a place to order custom printed t-shirts, many shoppers have had a great experience through CustomBaba. Their experience in online marketing operations and efficient production process makes this company a popular choice among individuals and businesses alike.

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Company Name: CustomBaba
Contact Person: Akshay Jain
Email: [email protected]
Address:B-34/3347-C, Shakti Vihar, Haibowal Kalan
City: Ludhiana
State: Punjab, 141001
Country: India
Website: https://custombaba.com