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Mr. Gift Card, Founder of MGC, Predicts Booming Gift Card Resellers Market For 2018

Mr. Gift Card, Founder of MGC, Predicts Booming Gift Card Resellers Market For 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA – 11 Oct, 2017 – Mr. Gift Card, the founder of MGC and publisher of Gift Card Goldmine: How to Get Rich Buying & Selling Gift Cards from Home, predicts a massive increase in everyday people buying and selling Gift Cards on the internet and face-to-face in 2018. “With opportunities like driving for Uber becoming so popular, the entrepreneurial spirit has spread across the country like wildfire and now people are discovering they can make a small fortune buying and selling gift cards in their spare time”, says Mr. Gift Card, who started “flipping” gift cards full-time nearly four years ago after helping a friend sell some unwanted gift cards on various websites.

“I couldn’t believe the amazing response we received when we advertised his unused gift cards for sale online”, added Mr. Gift Card, “so I aggressively started looking for gift card opportunities to buy low and sell high and the next thing you know I made a full-time business out of it.” Mr. Gift Card is finishing his M.B.A. at a major university and the money he makes buying and selling gift cards helps pay for his tuition and a comfortable lifestyle.

The Gift Card Resellers market is fueled by unredeemed gift cards that are eventually sold to resellers like Mr. Gift Card at deep discounts as much as 80% off the face value. “Some news sites have recently reported that as many $28 Billion worth of gift cards go unredeemed every year so this creates a huge resellers market for us to capitalize on in 2018 and beyond,” proclaims Mr. Gift Card, who is planning live seminars and webinars to show everyday people how to start their own business of buying and selling gift cards from home. So, the next time you’re standing in the line at the grocery store and see those large racks of gift cards just remember there is room for you to jump in on this multi-billion dollar industry.

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