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As Market Grows, CKitchen.com Provides Info and Products for Commercial Flake Ice Machines

As Market Grows, CKitchen.com Provides Info and Products for Commercial Flake Ice Machines

Brooklyn – As the number of retail stores rises across the globe, so does the demand for commercial flake ice makers. Used primarily for displays of produce, seafood, or medical settings, flake ice is in high demand and is forecasted to continue growing in the global market as industries across all sectors expand.

For a reliable commercial flake ice machine, it must be purchased from a trusted source with knowledge of the products. CKitchen, an E. Friedman company, has been focused on quality products and projects since it’s founding in 1984 and strives to deliver valued goods at economical prices. They carry the best names in the industry including Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, and Scotsman, which deliver on different needs depending on the commercial buyer.

A commercial flake ice maker is best for institutions where food is on display, in cocktails or in the medical field. Because flake ice is so small and delicate visually, it looks great under chilled food items on a buffet table or in a retail setting. Meat or seafood markets often use flake ice to keep the product cold and visually pleasing, and even produce that needs to be kept cold looks great on flake ice.

Bartenders often prefer this type of ice too, as it blends easily and works well in pure spirit drinks that don’t have water to cut them. Lastly, flake ice is ideal in medical institutions, as it’s so easy to ingest and has a low choking hazard.

Top brands carried by CKitchen.com include the bacteria-free Hoshizaki,American-made Manitowoc, and reliable but affordable Scotsman. They also carry a wide range of Energy Star, CEE certified machines.

One of their best sellers, Hoshizaki offers the DCM Series Sanitary Cubelet Ice Machine and Dispenser. This self-contained unit reduces opportunity for cross-contamination by limiting exposure to the external kitchen environment. Using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, the machine remains clean and sterile despite the atmosphere surrounding it.

Manitowoc machines are a popular American-made brand, offering a large portfolio of different machines. They offer equipment with special features such as EasyClean technology, time delay and programmability to meet a wide range of specific needs. Another popular brand, Scotsman offers a good value. Their products are reliable and time-tested but come at an affordable price.

As demand increases for flake ice machines, it’s important to have a trusted provider with the knowledge and experience necessary to help in the buying process. Call CKitchen.com today to speak to one of their certified food industry consultations for a recommendation on the best product for any need.

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