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Beat The Rhythm, one mobile application to learn all the rhythms in music

Beat The Rhythm, one mobile application to learn all the rhythms in music

Beat the Rhythm is a newly launched app for music enthusiasts that allow them to learn all kinds of rhythm conveniently through their mobile phone. The developers of the app suggest that by playing it for just 10 minutes a day, the user will be able to play the whole, half, quaver, eighth and sixteenth notes, master dotted and tied notes as well as respect perfectly the rest even in the more advanced rhythmic. Using the app, the user can learn to master their favorite songs.

Considering that Rhythm is the essence of any music whether it is rock, classic, metal, pop, reggae, electro music or rap, the developers have created this app to make it easier for the budding musicians to learn the art rhythm easily. Rhythm is essential to play any song through instruments such as guitar, piano, drum, bass, trumpet or any other. Without the knowledge of rhythm, the musicians may play too fast or too slow as compared with other musicians in the group. This is why the app is created to help the user in harmonize all the instruments in their compositions and play chords and melodies in a better way.

Beat the Rhythm features effective exercises that are both addictive and demanding.  The user will learn the right grooves and rhythm in a playful manner to be able to play the songs that they like. To start learning, the user can simply tap their finger on the screen as if they were playing percussion. They will learn musical rhythm through a carefully designed curriculum that ranges from beginner level to advanced level. It provides a real-time rhythm reading and counting method where the users can practice to have fun learn at the same time.

The app will teach all the binary and ternary figures and the user will learn how to read, count and feel semibreve, minim, crotchet, quaver, semiquaver and more. It also puts special emphasis on silences with the break, whole rest, half rest, quarter rest, eighth rest and sixteenth rest. As they move on, the user will also learn how to read musical rhythm modifiers such as bounded notes, pointed notes, and linked notes. It’s a dedicated application designed for musicians and for those who’re taking music lessons.

By regularly taking rhythm lessons on the app, the user can master the art of musical transcription, writing and reading rhythm as well as tabs or partitions. The app can be downloaded for free at Google Playstore and more information is available at beatthrhythm.com.

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