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Career Music Promoter Gives Insights Into A Changing Music Industry

Career Music Promoter Gives Insights Into A Changing Music Industry

As a full-time music promoter Terrance Schemansky also knows how it feels to be a musician wanting to get music heard. He has played over 500 shows as a solo artist. Since 1996 his company called 3000 Records has also worked with independent and Platinum selling artists through creative music promotion projects and services. He welcomes all music styles.

The first music promotion project by 3000 Records was a compilation CD organized to promote local musicians in Michigan. That was in 1996. Within a year, the second compilation featured artists and bands from around the USA. Then in 2002, company owner Terrance Schemansky organized The New Union of Dance and Electronic Artists featuring some of the top MP3.com artists worldwide. Since then he has personally worked with thousands of artists and bands through additional projects. These projects included 20 volumes of a compilation CD called “Radio Now”, the radio promotion project he named “Album Register”, music promotion project “Promoter Box”, music video promotion project “MusicVideoDistribution.com”, social media promotion services, press release writing & distribution services, and more.

Schemansky also hosted and produced the Music Business Connection podcast rated as “New and Noteworthy” in iTunes during the program’s early run in 2015. He interviewed industry guests including Bobby Kimball, former lead singer for the Platium selling band Toto, Steve Stewart, former manager of Stone Temple Pilots, legendary music publisher Steven Scharf, “Guitar Theory For Dummies” book author Desi Serna, and over 70 other guests in the music business. Each episode is still available for free on iTunes and through the Music Business Connection website.

With a constantly changing music industry and a new generation of musicians developing their talent, Schemansky has realized the importance of staying relevant in promoting great music. “There are many ways to promote a new single, or album and it’s exciting. Still, it’s rare for a musician to make it on their own, yet alone to get a hit song with their first music release. However, the important thing is to keep moving forward. Continue creating music, performing, and working hard and smart. Over time a musician can look back and see accomplishments added up in a big way.”, said Schemansky. After interviewing many top music industry insiders, he has heard repeatedly that it takes years of hard work before artists become well known, or make a significant income. Schemansky said, “Having a good work ethic in the music industry is just as important today as it was twenty years ago”.

One primary piece of advice that Terrance Schemansky has expressed to his clients is that it is important to take things one step at a time, and to truly share one’s talents and gifts with passion. “When an Artist shows passion, people do see it, even if it’s subconscious. Passion makes you stand out while others are faking it.”, said Schemansky. Over time, this also means making progress in a music career that might otherwise be stagnant. He enjoys working hard and smart with artists and bands that relate and simply want to get recognition for their talent and work.

For more information about 3000 Records and the many music promotion projects that help musicians reach audiences worldwide visit www.3000records.com and www.musicpromotionservices.com. 3000 Records can also be found on Twitter through the popular Twitter handle @musicbusiness

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