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KATAZTROFEE to Shake the Music Scene with Much Awaited Mixtape, #FollowKATAZTROFEE

KATAZTROFEE to Shake the Music Scene with Much Awaited Mixtape, #FollowKATAZTROFEE

Los Angeles, CA— Music couldn’t get more colorful than KATAZTROFEE. The hip-hop sensations from Texas, Victory and Mr Arrogant, are finally releasing their anticipated mixtape, #FollowKATAZTROFEE on Spinrilla and Soundcloud. To make it even more exciting, there will also be a brand new video to their single, #FIYD.

Influential and critically acclaimed, Victory and Mr Arrogant do not merely create music, but paint artistic visuals for die hard music lovers. Always pushing the sonic boundaries, this hip-hop duo is here to stay and make history, and the bright wardrobe is just a small part of it.

“We are pleased to announce that FollowKATAZTROFEE and the video for FIYD are ready to hit the streets. The entire project will give hip hop fans a level of excitement that they have never experienced before,” said a spokesperson for KATAZTROFEE.

Southern rooted Kataztrofee delivers catchy lyrics, beats that are never dull, and a chip on the shoulder swagger that fans love to see. Mr Arrogant and Victory are highly underrated stars, with a rising empire that’s on the verge of becoming a household name.

Follow KATAZTROFEE will reveal the groups personal experiences through rhythm. They’re uniquely creative and masterful at infusing music with a broad range of emotions. Playing Kataztrofee’s for the first time is like opening an exquisite box of chocolates. You feel as if you are watching their lives unfold, and the new mixtape, #FollowKATAZTROFEE, does this in “STYYLE”, TROFEE STYYLE.



For downloads and streaming, please visit http://bit.ly/FollowKATAZTROFEE

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