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British Writer Launches Fantasy Fiction Website, Offering New Short Story Platform

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October 06
05:06 2018
British writer, James Speyer, launches brand new fantasy fiction website, promising a new and exciting platform for fans of the genre.

United Kingdom – A new fantasy fiction platform has been launched online, providing fans of fiction and fantasy alike with the chance to explore a new world through short stories, audiobooks and an anthology eBook. The Azrian Portal, run by British fantasy writer James Speyer, has been established as part of the up-and-coming author’s growing portfolio. Designed to be a portal into the fictional world of Azra, within which all fiction on the website is set, The Azrian Portal currently features a number of stories and blogs, with new content arriving on a regular basis.

Speyer, the writer behind The Azrian Portal, commented on the launch: “I built this platform to share my writing with fans of the fantasy genre, and hope readers will find great enjoyment in what I’ve created. The website isn’t about me or what I have to offer, but what the world of Azra itself has to offer, which is why I’ve steered away from a traditional author website and into an experience that helps visitors really engage with the stories being told.”

Fans of fantasy fiction, including grimdark fantasy, military and historical fantasy, epic fantasy and speculative fantasy, will find plenty of examples of fiction absorb on the website. The Azrian Portal is home to a number of different fictional outlets, including:

An eBook Anthology: Available for download across all major online distributors, including iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Kobo.

Free Short Stories: Nine unique fantasy stories for fans of series such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and the First Law Series.

A Fantasy Fiction Blog: Regularly updated with topics including fantasy fiction news, updates on upcoming media including TV shows and movies, advice on writing fiction and more.

“It’s a fictional platform for everyone.” Speyer explains. “While the short stories are set in a fantasy world, some of the tales are far removed from the idea of the epic quest or mythical monster. You will find those kinds of stories on The Azrian Portal, but you’ll also find stories based around the gritty and tough world the characters inhabit as well. People who enjoy Game of Thrones for its realism, for example, and not the dragons, will also find stories they enjoy here.”

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