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RAYS found the solution: blockchain solution with zero transaction fee

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October 06
06:27 2018

As you probably know, the high cost of the transactions is the main obstacle for many brilliant blockchain-based business ideas. The customers do not want to pay for every action, and the new blockchain businesses can hardly survive and pay for customer’s transactions.

However, RAYS found the solution: we made the cost of the transaction the part of our business model. Through the internal voting of our development team, we unanimously chose that our blockchain network will have the zero transaction fee, which means that all transactions carried out by RAYS Network will have zero costs, this makes RAYS cryptocurrency well position to deal with high-volume microtransactions at large scale.

Stay tuned to get more news about RAYS Network!

Digital ID

RAYS Network is the first blockchain ecosystem that will support the use of a Digital ID. Existing blockchains have a public key or wallet address and a private key to open that wallet. If the private key is compromised, the wallet is compromised and the user can lose its crypto assets. RAYS brings an end to this problem with the use of a user-chosen Digital ID. Even if someone is able to access the wallet, the hacker can not do any transaction without a Digital ID. Digital ID is strictly required to make a transaction.

Contact us via https://rays.network/

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