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Gya Labs Introduces Natural Ways to Soothe Senses This Spring

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March 20
03:52 2021

Gya Labs is set to welcome the spring season with its collection of pure, natural aromatherapy essentials and wellness products. Easing into spring means the increase of pollen levels in the air and subsequently triggering seasonal allergic reactions such as itchy noses and nasal congestion, which can really dampen the spring cheer. Managing springtime symptoms and balancing an active lifestyle naturally with Gya Labs aromatherapy products has never been easier.  

For those who experience allergies when exposed to pollen, sneezing and stuffy noses are an all too familiar nuisance. Gya Labs recommends inhaling the scent of eucalyptus essential oil directly, as it is one of the best essential oils for relieving sinus congestion. Often used as an expectorant to promote the discharge of mucus, breathing in its cooling, minty scent helps clear up congested airways. The herbaceous oregano essential oil is another great remedy for congestion relief. And as a bonus, it also strengthens immunity for better protection throughout allergy season.

An alternative way to promote smoother breathing is to dilute essential oils with a few drops of carrier oil before applying onto the chest area. Essential oil chest rubs work wonders for congestion relief and one trusted DIY recipe includes mixing rosemary essential oil or thyme essential oil with any carrier oil of choice. This may reduce inflammation and ease swollen sinuses for improved respiratory health. As a precaution, it is important to not use essential oils directly on the skin without diluting them.

Besides inhaling and applying essential oils, diffusing the right blend is another way to reap their allergy-soothing benefits. Essential oils in aroma diffusers to disperse scents into the air is a gentle way to continuously breathe them in. To create a soothing allergy-relief blend, combine lavender, peppermint and lemon essential oils in the diffuser. On top of alleviating allergy symptoms, the combination of these scents also calms restlessness and boosts focus, making it a great addition to WFH routines.

Gya Labs believes spring should be a season of joy rather than a season of allergies. Essential oils can play a big part in alleviating the discomfort of these pesky spring allergies and the scent of them can also energize and uplift moods, adding that extra spring to your step. For a cheerful, sniffle-free spring, make essential oils your on-the-go remedy by carrying them with you wherever, whenever.  

Note: essential oils should always be diluted, either in a diffuser or with a carrier oil

Gya Labs is a self-help and self-care brand that creates products to uplift your every day. We offer a wide range of natural products, from essential oils to coffees, made to fit a variety of lifestyle needs. Knowledge is power; and we’re passionate about sharing knowledge that makes everyone feel happier, healthier and empowered to handle everyday stresses.

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